Lovely LaGuerre is a Wealth Creator and Transformational Coach, Amazon Best Time Seller and International Bestselling Author. You can see through the books she has chosen to be a part of, including “The Successful Woman’s Mindset: 21 Journeys to Success” and most recently, “Becoming an Unstoppable Woman”. “Becoming an Unstoppable Woman Entrepreneur,” “Becoming An Unstoppable MomPreneur,” “Everyday Woman Doing What You Love In Your Business.” She shares her story that will inspire, empower and uplift you. She is on a mission to help others. She’s also the Founder of Pure Heavenly Hair & Beauty Boutique, a luxury beauty brand transforming, inspiring, and empowering women to unleash their beauty inside and out. Lovely has a passion for supporting and empowering others. She believes that together women can be unstoppable by leveraging their potential and giving back to their communities.

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BY Lovely LaGuerre


Lovely LaGuerre is a Serial Entrepreneur Amazon #1 Best Seller and International Bestselling Author. She believes in the power of collaborating with other women and sees how it lends to the growth of all involved. She shares her story that will empower you, will inspire you, and will uplift you. A Must Read!