Pure Heavenly Hair and Beauty Trends Will be Big in 2022

The trends are always fun and interesting to follow. Especially if they offer some new products and techniques that can get you shopping and if you are willing to try them out. Each season brings a set of new trends, that, according to the beauty critics, have some to offer and have already made an impact on the scene. The beauty and the hair industry are constantly changing and evolving, looking for the best to offer their customers.

Over the last few years, the biggest focus in the beauty and the hair industry has been put onto the natural take and care for the skin and hair. With the changes of techniques, approaches, and products that are out there on the market, these industries are striving to provide the best and the most convenient solutions.

At Pure Heavenly Hair and Beauty Boutique we are inviting all beauty lovers, makeup, skincare, and haircare all to come together as a package that requires suitable care, and with that, does open a possibility for changing trends. And this year, there is a lot to explore, for everyone. Visit our store Lace Frontal, 3D Eyelashes, 24K Under Eye Mask, Clip=Ins, Brazilian Body Wave, Bundles, Full Lace Wigs, Lip glosses.

As your online go-to hair and beauty online shop, we at Pure Heavenly Hair are always working and striving to bring you the best that is from the hair and beauty world. The latest trends and innovations are just one click away. So, if you have not had the chance so far to catch up on what has been going on the beauty and hair scene, these are the latest trends that are set to be big thought 2022. Take a look www.PureHeavenlyhair.com


The latest beauty trends have already been set and displayed through the various fashion weeks. The professional makeup artists and experts had their picks for the biggest trends, and this year, they will include anything from fun eyeshadows, extravagant lipsticks, to bold eyeliners. And that is everything and all approved for the daily looks.

De-stressing skincare

Stress is known to play a significant role in the look of the skin. It is also one of the greatest factors that can cause the skin to change its condition, look, and appearance. Particularly for treating these types of issues, many skincare brands have opted for distressing ingredients as part of their skincare products that focus on the relaxation of the skin. Such products revive the stressed, tired skin, and additionally offer skin firming and skin lifting. One such great product is the 24K Gold Eye Mask: Your Heavenly Glow. The eye patches are filled with collagen that is absolutely needed for the rejuvenating effect of the eyes.

Metallic Eyes

If there is a makeup trend that brings back the idea and the desire of glamming up and the nights out, then it is the trend of metallic eyes. Although the metallic yes is not, new, they have been a big forgotten. The rich metallic colors and different textures, spread out on the lids of the eye area cool way of nailing this trend. What especially stands out are the silvery tones with the icy effect. Our Heavenly eye-catching 4 color palette eyeshadows are the perfect options for capturing this great look.

Icy shadow

Another great trend that accentuates the eyes and gives them some cool, cold, crisp, and frosty look is the icy shadow. It is now making a comeback through a more modern and fresher version. So, instead of going with the expected white and blue shades, give the icy shadow a bit more pinkish touch with the pink shimmery shade from the Heavenly eye-catching 4 color palette eyeshadows.             

Heavenly 2-in-1 Eyeliner and Lashes Glue

The trend of our liner has been closely connected to the surge of looks that serve luxury day and soiree appearance. Inspired by those times, the liner can be thin or heavy look is living its top time. For 2022, our 2-in-1 Eyeliner and Lashes Glue this liner application is considered a top-notch eye trend. It simply is a must-have part of the makeup routine. The goal is to achieve the extraordinary eyeliner look that comes on bare eyes. And you can master the look with the 2-in-1 Eyeliner and Glue will perfectly give an elevated and more sophisticated look to your eyes.

Glossy lips

The glossy lips are having and enjoying a major comeback. After the long reign of the matte lips, that suggested overlining and increasing the lips volume, the glossy lips are now back with the accent on the natural and shiny. With that being said, the gloss is now a highly demanded lip product. Moreover, it comes over on all lipstick colors and textures. The volume and the heaviness of the gloss are the perfect upgrades to the regular lipstick routine. And the options here are also varied. You can go with Clear Holographic gloss, or with a Billionaires-Pink colored one.

Hair Bob

The best option to make a noticeable change is to go with the retro-chic bob that will resemble the look of the 1920s.  For those who want to add a dose of freshness, the bob can also come in a bit longer version. The chin-length style offers a lot of styling possibilities such as body wave, straight, loose wave, deep curly, kinky curls, water wave. It is a haircut that does require maintenance and upkeep, it is a look that will transform the entire appearance. But, you can now easily flaunt this hairstyle if you opt for the Straight Bob Wig. You can customize it according to your style.

Long and sleek strands

If you thought that this trend only referred to women with natural long hair, you are wrong. The long and sleek strands hair trend is the one that refers to the trend of adding long hair extension. Styling them with a hair straightener, making them look extra sleek, is the look that provides an elegant, modern, and stylish look. If you need some extra length, Malaysian Straight extensions are the best option to go with.

With these hair and beauty trends, you will be all set up and ready to flaunt the best looks. Be sure to check out the extensive offer at Pure Heavenly Hair.



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